Elite Artist Patreon Tier - Coming October 2018

Coming October 1st, 2018—a new tier is being added to my Patreon!

6 months ago I started a Patreon with the goal of one day opening a small, intimate, mover & makers space. This would be a place to make art, to dance, to film and to build community. While I’m getting closer each day to reaching that goal, Patreon has also given me the ability to create an online Masterclass that is accessible to any aerialist in the world. The intentions of this class are to provide a living, breathing resource for growing artists that is both informative and inspirational. In this exclusive community, I share weekly “lessons” consisting of tips, tutorials, prompts, experiences, guidance and inspiration for continued growth as an individual artist and/or as a teacher/mentor. It is my mission to see artists succeed in their own work, but to also guide a transformation from the inside-out. The students that have joined my Masterclass thus far have exceeded my expectations at what this supportive online community might look like. The growth has been rapid, which demonstrates to me that there is a definite need for this type of mentorship in the aerial world. I am humbled by the love and encouragement each one of my Patrons has given me. It has made a huge impact in my life—so even though the expression falls short, THANK YOU! Every single one of you.

So what makes the Elite Artist tier special? I’m offering new rewards that have never been offered in previous tiers. Are you a fan of the music I share in my Instagram videos? In this tier you get direct access to my personal training playlist, along with: one velvet back warmer and longer 1-on-1 private classes! Check out the perks:

Photo by Somer Ahonen | Lockbox Studios

Photo by Somer Ahonen | Lockbox Studios

“Elite Artist” Tier

(Only 5 Spots Available) - Min. $139/mo. pledge

In this tier, Elite Artist patrons will receive the following every month:

  • 90 min. online lesson ($98 value)

  • Access to Holly’s personal Spotify training playlist (80+ songs & growing every week!)

  • Access to exclusive Masterclass IG page ($20+ value)

  • 2 x entries in Masterclass monthly product giveaways (higher chances of winning the giveaways!)

  • Monthly hand-written note via snail mail

Elite Artists will also receive these one-time items:

  • Instagram shoutout

  • Personal promo code for 35% off tutorial videos or bundles (never expires).

  • One velvet back warmer + USA or international shipping ($70 value)

  • Signed 4” x 6” photo

  • Elite Artist student spotlight blog feature on www.hollyannjarvis.com (Within 3 months of first pledge).

Dedicated aerialists who are looking for accountability, content/resources and inspiration each month to help them achieve their dreams are a great fit for this tier.

Set your reminders for October 1st to snag one of the spots in this tier! ONLY 5 spots will be available.

Again, thank you all for your continued support. Every day I am one step closer to my dream space and meeting amazing people along the way—all made possible by you.