Masterclass Featured Student: Corrina Owens

My Masterclass is bursting at the seams with talented aerialists. The more students that join our aerial community, the more humbled I am at the connection and support that stems from this class. Each month, I'll be featuring one of my fabulous students from my Masterclass in the blog. I am so grateful to have a platform that allows me to get to know my students and showcase them as individual artists. 

My September featured student is the lovely Corrina Owens (@owenscorrina). Corrina joined my class in August and one thing that I love about this girl is that she is multi-talented on silks, hammock and rope! I love when artists explore multiple disciplines and don't feel intimidated to try new things!


Here's a little bit about Corrina & why she chose to join my Masterclass!

I fell in love with circus very early on, but I only started officially training in aerial and circus arts in 2013 in Atlanta, GA. I found amazing, well versed and experienced trainers at studios such as Sky Gym, The Space, and Inspire Aerial Arts, and was quickly able to build a community of likeminded and passionate aerialists to train 15 - 20 hours a week with at any one of the beautiful studios with 20 feet ceilings in and around the Atlanta area.

In 2017, my husband was presented with a unique career opportunity that took us to the surrounding suburbs of D.C. I was in a new world and instantly in need of a new aerial community to continue my training and my passion. It wasn't as easy as I'd hoped, and I longed for my tight network of aerial training buddies from back home. While I did end up finding new studios in our new home with similar perspectives and backgrounds, with a focus on inclusivity and a strong emphasis on safety, I remained open to new ways to continue my training and learning, which ranged from retreats, dozens of literature, and an online community of aeralists.

Holly Ann Jarvis is a beautiful and talented aerialist I had been following for some time, and when I found out she was beginning to offer an online community centered around building up like minded aerialists, both intellectually and physically, with a goal to use the funds collected to build a unique artist collaborative space in her home town, I was hooked. Holly is clearly dedicated to her craft, but also extremely dedicated to providing instruction, tips, and deliberate homework designed to encourage aerialists to perfect their own style and craft. I very much appreciate her attention to detail, from motivational posts all the way to instructional content. Aerial sling is a beautiful, and often underrated, aerial apparatus and I greatly connect to Holly's interpretation of both the fluidity of the apparatus and the creativity in strength that you can find in different poses and sequences that only slingers would understand. I highly recommended becoming a patron of Holly's if you're interested in exploring the craft of sling in a unique way.

I'm excited about the community she is building, even after only a few weeks of being a part of the Master Class. There is nothing like an aerial community, and I hope that even though we are all thousand miles apart, we can encourage and support one another through the guidance of our fearless leader to be the best aerialists we can be!

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