Host a private pole or aerial dance party with holly!

No experience required. From Ogden to Salt Lake City. Celebrate a wedding, birthday, divorce, ladies night and more with a private party!



90 min. in-studio Party (Pole or Aerial)

$200 for up to 8 people | $15 for each additional guest after 8

$50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your date


+ aerial hammock +

A u-shaped aerial apparatus that can accommodate a range of body types and fitness levels, beginner to advanced.

+ aerial silks +

Twin tail silks! Classic fabric apparatus that requires some upper body strength and general fitness. 

+ aerial lyra +

A circular, steel apparatus that can really make your party feel like a circus! Wear thicker layers for lyra parties (this apparatus can be ouchy!)

+ mixed aerial +

A combination of aerial apparatuses for you and your guests to explore including silks, hammock & lyra! 

+ acrobatic pole +

A modest pole party that focuses on pole skills resembling fitness & gymnastics. 

+ Femme pole +

Heels required! A sensual & slow moving pole party. This party will involve a lot of ground work & low-pole movements. Wear layers & have knee protection available. 

+ burly pole +

Burlesque-inspired beats & movements. This party is a little sassy but still classy! Heels not required but sure make it more fun! 1-2 layers required for burlesque removal (shawls, dresses, etc.). Get creative!

+ get flexy+

Unwind after a long work-week and host a flexibility party with your friends. Learn fun sequences for opening hips and shoulders that will leave you feeling ready to conquer the next week! 


Don't see an option here that meets your needs? We can create a custom party together!


Pole Party Location: 

The Salt Mine, 734 W 1355 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Aerial Party Location: 

Hana Studio, 2017 Commerce Way, West Haven, UT 84401


Arrive with your entire party to the party location 5-10 min. early to change and sign liability waivers (you will also be emailed waivers to print & sign ahead of time). There is a restroom available for your guests to change upon arrival. The first 10 minutes of the party will be rounding up guests, changing and getting to know you. The last 10 minutes of the party will be time for pictures, changing & goodbyes. 


+ Do not wear any lotions or oils the day of your party, especially for pole! Lotions & oils make it very difficult to grip. Rosin/chalk will be available to guests as a grip aid. Please do not wear any jewelry (can become lost in the studio and/or can cause injury / damage to equipment). 

+ For pole: wear layers that can be removed, sports bra/tank and shorts above the knees that are skin tight (yoga/bike shorts work great). Optional: light colored clothing that can glow in the dark!

+ For aerial: wear skin tight leggings (no jeans or items of clothing with zippers, studs, etc.). leotards optional. Skin tight top that covers belly and armpits to avoid fabric burns. No shoes. Bare feet or dance socks okay. 

+ Music & party playlist can be customized for you! Please email Holly prior to your event date with music requests.



Invite your guests the old-school way! And you don't have to lift a finger (besides providing guests' addresses). Your guests will receive a special VIP invite to your party mailed right to their home. This invitation will include all of the details they should need to know for the big event!

$40 - Up to 8 mailed, custom invitations // $3 per invitation after 8