Masterclass Membership

Masterclass Membership

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Purchasing this membership will give you access to Holly’s private Masterclass Instagram page (@hollyannjarvis_patreon) for one full year or 6 months. Students will be added to class on the 1st of the month following the purchase month. For example, a one year membership purchase is made on November 20th, the student will be added to the class on December 1st and will remain in the class until December 1st of the following year.


It’s like having a Master instructor in your pocket! Holly’s Masterclass is a private community of aerialists via an exclusive Instagram page (@hollyannjarvis_patreon). This is a place where artists transform, from the inside out. Topics include (but limited to): aerial performing and teaching tips, inspiration, mental health as an artist, finding a creative process as an aerialist/artist, aerial sling tutorials, original aerial sling choreography, flexibility tutorials, injury prevention and recovery, and more!


…I quickly found Holly on Instagram and loved her style. She is so creative, her elegance, fluidity and grace in her flows.  And she makes everything look so easy, but it's not! But as an instructor, I needed more coaching and teaching advice. That’s when I decided to join her masterclass as a student. She really helps her masterclass students and is always available and responds quickly to any questions even though she is very busy. I love that she helps us to become better instructors and performers. I really like her motivational posts and I highly recommend her masterclass. It’s not only about amazing exclusive flows, but it's also coaching, training to become stronger and more flexible, and lots of advice on teaching. Since I became part of her masterclass, I’m loving the community we have and how we all support each other. I’m becoming more confident in myself and as an instructor. She is a true mentor. -@michev_aerial

...Holly Ann Jarvis is a beautiful and talented aerialist I had been following for some time, and when I found out she was beginning to offer an online community centered around building up like minded aerialists, both intellectually and physically, with a goal to use the funds collected to build a unique artist collaborative space in her home town, I was hooked. Holly is clearly dedicated to her craft, but also extremely dedicated to providing instruction, tips, and deliberate homework designed to encourage aerialists to perfect their own style and craft. I very much appreciate her attention to detail, from motivational posts all the way to instructional content. Aerial sling is a beautiful, and often underrated, aerial apparatus and I greatly connect to Holly's interpretation of both the fluidity of the apparatus and the creativity in strength that you can find in different poses and sequences that only slingers would understand. I highly recommended becoming a patron of Holly's if you're interested in exploring the craft of sling in a unique way.

I'm excited about the community she is building, even after only a few weeks of being a part of the Master Class. There is nothing like an aerial community, and I hope that even though we are all thousand miles apart, we can encourage and support one another through the guidance of our fearless leader to be the best aerialists we can be! -@owenscorrina


You can purchase a monthly recurring subscription to the Masterclass HERE for $19/mo. ($228/yr)

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