My traincation with Holly was something that I will definitely be doing again. In my opinion it is the best way to spend a vacation - (and I take my vacation time very seriously since I don’t ever have enough of it)!  

Aerial, staying healthy and aging well is something that is a huge passion of mine, yet my 40+ hour/week day job is where I spend most of my time. Although I love my career in nursing administration, aerial and teaching my students is where I feel the most energized and fulfilled. Because I have a “day job”, when I go on vacation I want to make the most of it, and my favorite part about my trainacation was that it was all about me. It was time that I was dedicating to myself, and only to what I wanted to do and think about.

Holly welcomed me with a cute basket of goodies in my room and a schedule based on what I wanted to do that she had asked for prior to my arrival so that I didn’t have to think, or worry about a thing. I knew what to expect, and she kept reminding me that it was only a tentative schedule, and it was flexible so if we felt like doing something else, we could! I told Holly that it was better than a Mexico vacation on the beach, because I didn’t have to worry about making sure that I went site seeing, or that the other people I was traveling with were happy and having a good time, etc. I got to spend time reflecting on what I wanted to, when I wanted to, and I made no compromises for anyone else. I feel a little selfish even divulging that, but as we all know we cannot give to others that we love, until we have given to ourselves – and that was what this traincation was for me. It was so much bigger than aerial.

I felt an unspoken, assumed expectation that when you go to train with “The President of Aerial” (yes that is the title I have given Holly!), that you should learn a lot of tricks, and come back with new moves, new ideas and new material, but what I really wanted out of my traincation was something very different.

I wanted to talk about the overwhelming number of physical goals that I have, and how to realistically fit them into my sedentary day job lifestyle that can often leave me feeling tired and depleted by the time I get to training after a long day at work, and how to have realistic goals that I can feel good about instead of constantly feeling guilty that I’m not able to accomplish all that I want to in my training sessions at home. I wanted to be the student. (My side hustle is teaching aerial at a studio in my hometown of Minneapolis, The Aviary). I was excited to be on the other side, giving to myself, so that I could give back to my students when I returned. I wanted to learn how to be a better teacher, how to engage and connect with my students more, how to flow beautifully in the fabric and dig deeper into how you can actually become your silks dance partner. Holly and I worked physically (I was sore!) but equally if not more hard work went into the mental aspects that I was working through in my mind. One of the best parts was this; how many times have you gone to a conference or workshop, left with great ideas, feeling inspired, and then within hours have had to jump right into “real” life again, and fairly quickly those feeling and ideas are so far away and you never get around to them? When you’re on a traincation, you get inspired, have a snack with Holly, snuggle her cat on their comfy couch, perhaps have a spicy margarita with cilantro (Yum!! Our fav while I was there!), and then you settle in with your notebook and pen, and actually start planning your ideas! You get to start implementing and taking action right away!   

Another part of my traincation I have to mention is that I am a terrible cook. I am not sure how I feed myself most days, and for those of you who may not be aware, not only is Holly an artist in the air, but she is an artist in the kitchen as well. She made (per my request) the MOST delicious coconut chicken and tofu curry you can imagine. My mouth is watering as I write this, and she talked me through her cooking process, I took notes and pictures, and plan to try this very soon at home on my own. After over eating on curry, I got to sleep in her guest room in a bed that felt like I was sleeping in the clouds (super comfortable) and got some really good nights of sleep. It was a dream, and I will be booking another one very soon!


I joined Holly’s online masterclass back in April when I started sling again after a bit of a break and then decided to book a trainication with her after loving the content of the masterclass. Her trainication was the best thing I’ve done for myself as an aerialist. I was super nervous as people normally think trainications are for high level aerialists but Holly put my fears at ease and taught to my level in a way that far exceeded my expectations. I’m actually super glad that I went when I did because I feel like I have a much more solid foundation after relearning sling from Holly. While I’d recommend her trainications for anyone, I’d especially recommend them for any beginner who is serious about sling and wants to take their training to the next level. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to sling shines alongside her super awesome personality. She’s one of the few people I know who is the same person in the real world as she is on IG. The fact that I was able to stay at her home was an added bonus. She was kind enough to cook for me and her home emits this cozy warmth that makes it easy to relax and focus on your training. I’m looking forward to doing another trainication with her in the future!