Original Photo Credit: Todd Collins Photography

Original Photo Credit: Todd Collins Photography




In the most recent years, I have received numerous requests to publish some sort of guidebook or technical reference manual for aerial sling. The task seemed daunting and as much as I tried to make it so, never truly aligned with my vision or motivations as an artist. For lack of knowing where to begin, my desire to publish some sort of book kept getting put on the back burner.

My undergraduate studies in contemporary painting and drawing drive the visual inspiration behind this book. The content, however, is inspired by the mission to connect a community of artists who are striving for legitimacy and relevancy for an apparatus held dear to their hearts. 

A coloring book simply makes sense. It's a hands-on approach to tackling an overwhelming task. The act of making is the spirit of invention. A coloring book provides an opportunity to color outside the lines, take notes and inscribe bits of wisdom throughout it's pages. It's a place to record, imagine, digest and discover.


a larger aerial conversation

Since the inception of aerial arts as a mainstream form of performance artistry and fitness, there have been many efforts to connect streams of thought regarding language and terminology across a variety of apparatuses. 

Being one of the "youngest" forms of aerial dance, aerial hammock / sling has yet to agree on anything close to a universal language. Although this book will not serve as an end-all dictionary, it will help bridge the gap in vocabulary, bring awareness to geographic differences in terminology and help to make connections where variations might occur. The most important accomplishment of this book will be to connect a community of people. To make a visual artifact of the beauty, drive, inspiration, empowerment and encouragement evident in aerial sling artists around the globe.


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"The Isle" Digital Painting by Holly Ann Jarvis, 2014

"The Isle" Digital Painting by Holly Ann Jarvis, 2014