Men Try Pole Dancing

Back in August of 2017 I had the pleasure of filming with Austin, Cam & Jess of Men Try. Men Try is a YouTube channel featuring two guys who try things. From baking cakes to getting chased by police dogs, they are h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s and in their wit and candid interactions. Every Sunday morning at 8am I find myself watching Men Try marathons with their new content.

Earlier in the summer I met the Men Try team and found out Austin & Cam had ambitions of trying their hand at pole. They asked if I would film with them and I happily obliged. To their surprise, they actually did really well! We filmed for over two hours and by the end of the session I had laughed so much my cheeks were stuck in a permanent grin. The 14 minute video only captures a fraction of the comedy that afternoon. I was pretty nervous to film that day and didn't feel "prepared." I felt out of shape and I was super nervous to talk on camera. I have never felt comfortable being on camera (besides dancing) so I was really FAR outside of my comfort zone. As soon as the camera started rolling and those two boys opened their mouths I was immediately comfortable--their goofy nature made me feel right at home. This experience gave me more confidence being on camera (I still don't love hearing my voice on film though!), but more importantly it led to a couple of really great friendships.

This small group of humans are incredibly ambitious and inspiring. Since filming in August I have developed a special bond with "the Men Try people," particularly with Jess. We have such a genuine friendship that I feel is only going to lead to more amazing experiences together down the road. Jess is now my producer/editor for all of my amazing tutorial videos. I had been dreaming of creating professional tutorial videos for years and this dream literally would not have come to fruition without her expertise. 

Check out all the ways you can be entertained with the Men Try trio: 

YouTube: Men Try Videos  / Austin & Jess Vlogs / (make sure you subscribe to their channels to get updates on new videos!)

Instagram: @mentryvideos@jessicaspomer / @austinspomer

And of course, don't forget to check out our pole dancing video. Prepared to be amazed by their sweet moves ;)


Filmed at the Salt Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah