The Masterclass Scoop


What is the Masterclass?

My Masterclass is held through a private Instagram page & only viewable to Patrons who pledge in one of the tiers that specify a Masterclass reward.  The content on the Masterclass page is not shared publicly or on my original fan page @hollyannjarvis. The class is updated at least once a week (approx. 4 x a month) and posts consist of video tutorials, tips for aerial instructors, original aerial flows/transitions and other advice/inspiration. Since it's a "classroom" environment, questions are always welcomed and encouraged! This is meant to be a special place for aerialists to grow together, to have a living-breathing reference for their own personal practice as well as for teaching aerial dance & fitness in their own studios.  

How do I sign up? 

Pick the tier that works best for your needs/budget. Once your pledge is processed by Patreon you will be added to the Masterclass on Instagram (@hollyannjarvis_patreon). Make sure you request to follow once you have pledged & send a DM to @hollyannjarvis_patreon with the email address you pledged with. Sometimes it takes 12-24 hours for payment to process on your card so be a little bit patient :) New patrons will be charged up front upon pledging & then in the following month will return to a regular monthly billing cycle on the 1st of each month. 

You can change or cancel your pledge at anytime--changes must be made before the 1st day of the month (that is when pledges are billed). 

Why Patreon? 

Patreon is an amazing platform designed to support artists of all kinds. I have reward tiers from $2-$59 (you can always pledge more or less), but there is something for everybody. My ultimate goal through using Patreon--raise enough monthly funds to open a brick and mortar maker's space that would be multi-purpose in functionality. My circle of artist connections grow far and wide and I see a huge need in my community for a mover's space, art school, photography & painting studio, video production studio, etc.