Masterclass Featured Student: Michelle Vézina


October 2018

This month’s featured Masterclass student is the lovely Michelle Vézina (@michev_aerial)! This lady joined my class in August 2018, but I can already tell that she has intense drive and tenacity. She is super dedicated to her aerial practice and has been an amazing student so far! Here is a little bit about Michelle and what she thinks of being a Masterclass student so far:

“I've always wanted to learn aerial silk. The gracefulness, strength and flexibility to perform this beautiful art always attracted me. I never had the opportunity until a few years ago, when a dance school in my area was offering it and I decided to take a trial class of aerial dance. I was hooked and fell in love with it right away. I did aerial dance for a couple of years at the same studio. It truly became a passion for me and I wanted to share my passion with others, so I decided to complete my training to become a certified aerial instructor. I really love teaching aerial dance, to create a choreography, teach it and watch it being performed by my students! It’s such an amazing feeling. As a wife and a mother of 3 active kids, it gets quite busy at home. I have my career and I also teach aerial dance. It’s very important for me to set time aside for my training and also to prepare for my aerial dance classes. I wanted to learn more aerial dance and new flows, and since I teach at a dance school I really wanted to bring more dance into my flows. Different and creative ways to go in and out of my aerial sling. I quickly found Holly on Instagram and loved her style. She is so creative, her elegance, fluidity and grace in her flows.  And she makes everything look so easy, but it's not! But as an instructor, I needed more coaching and teaching advice. That’s when I decided to join her masterclass as a student. She really helps her masterclass students and is always available and responds quickly to any questions even though she is very busy. I love that she helps us to become better instructors and performers. I really like her motivational posts and I highly recommend her masterclass. It’s not only about amazing exclusive flows, but it's also coaching, training to become stronger and more flexible, and lots of advice on teaching. Since I became part of her masterclass, I’m loving the community we have and how we all support each other. I’m becoming more confident in myself and as an instructor. She is a true mentor”