Masterclass Featured Student: Tracie Day

For the month of November, I have chosen a featured student who is so near and dear to my heart.

Not only is Tracie (a.k.a. @unicornie_love on IG) one of my wonderful Masterclass students, but I also have the privilege of being this gal’s friend and aerial coach in real life. Tracie is literally one of a kind. She loves mermaids. She loves to dance. She loves to make other people smile. What’s not to love about her? She has followed me around to literally every studio I have taught in. She has the most positive outlook on life and on her aerial practice—never taking herself to seriously and always looking for ways to have fun. This woman performed the most upbeat Lyra routine I have ever seen in a mermaid tail and a wagon. It was so cute and so representative of her bubbling personality that it nearly brought me to tears. She is courageous and stays true to herself. I honestly admire her for this. I can occasionally get caught up in the “seriousness,” “politics” and “business” of aerial (similar to any industry, this will happen eventually). Not once has Tracie ever taken dancing so seriously that she didn’t enjoy it or love sharing her movement with others. I simply adore this woman. I love the supporter that she to all she connects with. I love the warmth and love I feel from her every time she walks into the studio. If you don’t know this woman personally, you are really missing out on a spectacular human being.

Tracie shared with my why she joined my Masterclass in the first place, and this is what she said:

Why I decided to sign up was to improve my aerial skills, flexibility, support local aerialists, help with my dream & your dreams come true, fall more in love with hammock/sling, learn more skills on how to improve choreography, endurence, connecting with my soul in aerial dance. Thank you for providing this opportunity to connect with other aerialist through the world & learn your MAGICAL tricks
— Tracie
Tracie Day-20170803-032.jpg