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June Masterclass Featured Student: Ana A.

A long time ago I was the person who hated sports, any form, any type. It has something to do with the fact that I'm pretty tall and for every single thing I enjoyed doing I would just be told I'm too tall to do it. They would just say I should try basketball or volleyball or something of that sort, and that was just not for me—anything with a ball I could simply not do.

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Masterclass Featured Student: Amanda R.

This is a story all about how my life got flip, turned, upside down... literally. I've taught Pilates for 8 years at my studio, Discover Happy, in this small sweet town Decorah, Ia. Around 2013 I wanted to explore the roots of Pilates and ask the question: Why? Why do I teach this movement?…

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Masterclass Featured Student: Tracie Day

November 2018 featured Masterclass student: Tracie Day | “Why I decided to sign up was to improve my aerial skills,  flexibility,  support local aerialists,  help with my dream & your dreams come true,  fall more in love with hammock/sling,  learn more skills on how to improve choreography, endurence, connecting with my soul in aerial dance…”

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