Masterclass Featured Student: Jessie

March’s featured Masterclass student of the month is Jessie! (@the.aerial.artist_jessie)

What I really love about featuring students is learning more about their stories. Some of my Masterclass students I have known for years and others for only a few short months. I met Jessie in 2018 and I was completely drawn into her spirit and energy. This girl loves aerial with all of her heart and soul and it shows. I love that what started as a way to just break sedentary life actually became a lifestyle for her—which is something I think most aerialists have in common! The beauty, the mystery, the challenge, the artistry…it draws us in and fills us with vitality and life. I often get asked the question, “How did you start doing aerial?” My story is very similar to Miss Jessie’s. I wanted a way to work out that didn’t bore me to death (it’s obviously grown WAY beyond “just a workout”). It’s really exciting to see that seed grow in other artists too. I’m so proud of you Jessie. Keep on doing your thing and uplifting others, girl!

Read more about Jessie below and what her thoughts on being a Masterclass student:

“I started aerial hammock during grad school because I wasn’t happy with my sedentary life. I realized my body had some difficulty doing activities I wanted to do, like kayaking. I looked up classes and fell in love. I had an amazing instructor who always challenged me and encouraged me. In fact, without her I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. I started silks classes and Lyra classes about eight months into my training and my obsession grew. I have now been training aerial arts for approximately three years and have recently began performing consistently, mainly on hammock! I also love to compete mainly to connect with aerialists I may not have otherwise met. I’m still in touch with many people I’ve met either at competitions and workshops!

I took a few workshops and a private with Holly and, honestly, I’ve never seen anyone move the way she did on an apparatus. The way she understood how the hammock behaves and the artistry she brought to the movements inspired me to learn from her. I love how positive and supportive she is just in general. I think the hammock community is slowly growing, much to her pioneering. She has just a fund of knowledge that I wanted to learn from. I believe I have slowed down a ton on my movements because of her masterclass. I have worked hard on making my fundamental movements on the apparatus more “gooey” and as a result my performances and overall appearance has improved.”

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