Masterclass Featured Student: Dari Blythe

April 2019 Featured Student is the stunning Dari Blythe (@daribpfeiffer)


What can I say about Dari that she doesn’t already make evident from her lust for life and amazing attitude towards others? This woman is simply beautiful. She has such a warm and positive spirit that bleeds into the atmosphere around her. Her passion to live and to move unapologetically is so inspiring to me and I enjoy watching her share her art with the world. She is strong but also delicate. She is fearless but also empathetic. She’s gooey and flowy but still a badass. AND she’s a wonderful instructor and co-studio owner at Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio in Ferndale, MI. If you’re in the Detroit area, I recommend popping in at this amazing space. 

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We have such a short time in our ‘today’ body that it seems a waste to not live In it with ferocity. The beauty of dance is that it is for every human, no holds barred. It is the ownership of your own movement, subtle or extravagant. We are able to express all ranges of laughter and tragedy in any way that we can dream of. Aerial dance and circus arts gives us a wide variety of levels to have feeling in and on, to use as imagery in the retelling of our own precious story. I have always been in love with the movement of my own body, and find immense satisfaction in being a guide for others to love themselves through movement. I’m a mother, a military veteran, a wife, a friend, a woman enamored with the fierceness of being. If you look me up, you will see some degrees of this, but there is so much remaining that can only be experienced in the moment of living. No time to be a sad girl or boy, even when it pulls at us. Only time for the fiercest you. Go after it!

I am embarrassed to say that initially I did not know who Holly was! My partner, Hannah suggested that we bring Holly to Detroit for workshops at our studio. We did, in the summer of 2018, and I fell in love with her. She has a sense of her own movement that is incredible to watch as well as to learn from. She readily encourages others to flourish through her instruction, with grace and with ferocity. I haven’t met everyone that is in her masterclass but the message is the same amongst us. I’m happy to encourage the growth of this beautiful mover by being a masterclass member, as well as have the chance to reap the benefits of her guidance. Although lyra is my primary apparatus, I have found a passion for sling because of Holly. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Either way, she is one of my babes and Holly and Josh, and Moose the cat, will always have a home with me and my family. 




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