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Featured Masterclass Student: Brittany N.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with this human in real life knows about her radiant personality and life-giving laughter. From the moment I met her I knew she would be in my life for a long time. Brittany has become more than just a student to me—she is a close friend.

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Guide to Getting Started in Aerial Arts

A beginner’s guide for those interested in diving in to aerial & circus arts!

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How to Not Get Dizzy


I get asked this question almost daily because most aerialists struggle with this at some point in their training. Here are a few of my tips and tricks to help prevent dizziness during training and remedies if you happen to find yourself suffering from a little too much spin.

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Masterclass Featured Student: Dari Blythe

We have such a short time in our ‘today’ body that it seems a waste to not live In it with ferocity. The beauty of dance is that it is for every human, no holds barred. It is the ownership of your own movement, subtle or extravagant. We are able to express all ranges of laughter and tragedy in any way that we can dream of.

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Masterclass Featured Student: Maja Krsteska

December’s featured masterclass student is a girl that’s near and dear to my heart! I met her in 2017 during my visit to Greece and she stood out to me through her eagerness and drive. She was so organized during class, taking notes about everything and soaking in as much as she could. I could tell that this lady wanted to learn.

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