Featured Masterclass Student: Brittany N.

July’s featured Masterclass student is a sling queen that’s near and dear to my heart, Miss Brittany Naegel.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with this human in real life knows about her radiant personality and life-giving laughter. From the moment I met her I knew she would be in my life for a long time. Brittany has become more than just a student to me—she is a close friend. Every month we work together online and it brings me so much joy. Not just because we are doing something we both love together but we talk and laugh and share personal struggles and we grow TOGETHER. We hold space for each other. Of all the communities I have visited while traveling and teaching workshops, the community that Brit has built in her hometown in Cinncinati, Ohio is by far one of them most supportive and tight-knit I have seen. She truly loves to teach and share her knowledge with others. Her passion for aerial lives through her and she carries herself with an immense amount of strength, grace and beauty. I consider her a great role model in the aerial world and I’m damn proud to have her as a student and friend.

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Here’s more about Brit’s life and journey in aerial arts:

At a young age, Brittany enjoyed competing on a national award winning rowing team, coaching swim team for her local community center and assisting with as many outdoor team building adventure activities as possible (such as climbing/mountaineering, rappelling, kayaking, high ropes courses, etc.). Her love of movement and passion for using adventure to help others realize their full potential began early on.

Growing up Brittany was raised by two naturalists, spending the majority of her time outdoors gaining a true appreciation for everything that nature has to offer. On the days she can combine her two passions - the great outdoors and aerials, is when she truly feels alive. Don't be surprised if you see her dangling from a cliffs edge in the middle of nowhere!

Brittany performs on sling, lollipop, lyra, silks and chains (with her main apparatus and true love being the aerial sling/hammock). She is the owner of Elevated Aerials in Cincinnati, OH and enjoys teaching sling to all of her students near and far! She loves to travel, teaching and learning where ever she can and wouldn't be able to do it all without her fabulous staff, supportive husband and especially the studio manager at Elevated Aerials, Samantha Hancock.

Most recently Brittany was honored to get the opportunity to work along side one of her mentors, Dreya Weber on her next film entitled The Aerialist. In the years to come Brittany hopes to continue to spread her love of the sling with as many people as possible all around the world!

A couple years ago I drove across country to meet and train with Holly Ann Jarvis. Prior to that, I had admired (through social media) her movements and knowledge of the sling. After meeting and training with her, I knew I wanted more. When she offered her masterclass program, I signed up immediately. It was an easy decision. A way to have her at my finger tips on a regular basis. She's been there to help me with routines I'm building, workshop new and old skills, assists me with teaching techniques/tips, and maybe most importantly a listening ear that gives GREAT advice. HAJ is more than just an aerial coach to me now. She's become my life coach and friend. Her impact on my life (both in the air and on the ground) is greater than I could ever put into words.

Photo Credit: Eric Odenthal & Joe Lyman

Instagram: @britsaerialife

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