Featured Masterclass Student: Rachel L.

Miss Rachel Lewis is my featured Masterclass student for the month of September! @aerialrach

Rachel has been a Masterclass student for just over 13 months and it has been so fun to get to know her this past year! This girl has got attitude (in the best way possible). We meet every month for video lessons and sometimes we stretch, sometimes we aerial, sometimes we just gab, sometimes she teaches me Bajan lingo—haha! Even though we haven’t met in person yet (I know we will someday) I already feel like we have. I love her personality and her humor and the way she complains when we stretch her legs! This girl works really freaking hard and it’s one of the things I respect about her the most. She has multiple jobs and runs her own dance studio in Barbados. I love being able to help Rachel find a little “me time” for herself and offer her new challenges. I feel very lucky we have been able to connect through my Masterclass and I am extremely grateful to have her in my life. Our time together always leaves a smile on my face. I’m so proud of you Rach! Thanks for being you!

Here’s more this beauty from Rach herself!

My name is Rachael and I was born and raised in Barbados. I am an artist, aerialist, Graphic Designer with an Associates and Bachelors Degree and I began aerial sling in 2014 because I wanted to conquer my fear of flips, being upside down, trust myself and gain strength and flexibility. I used to be a dancer so this seemed like something right up my alley. It was hard as first but I quickly fell in love with aerial and whenever I had free time I was in the air figuring out moves! I continued on for a couple years and at one point was living in Trinidad and teaching a few classes but then moved back to Barbados. I flew up to Atlanta to do a teaching course in January 2018. Shortly after I opened my own studio, The Cirque Studio Inc. and have been teaching girls in Barbados as it is quite limited in the Caribbean. My next apparatus I am working on is the Lyra as it's a whole other ball game and it's pulled me completely out of my aerial comfort zone and back in to the "learning to trust yourself" phase which I quite enjoy. I love the fact that I am always learning, working on myself and able to challenge my body every time I get too comfortable!

I have followed Holly for a while and I am always mesmerised by how she moves . I originally started for her to help me get back in to stretching and flexibility but now she is also showing me that I still have moves to conquer in the sling and really gives me a workout in the sling which I don't get often because of teaching basic moves - which I really appreciate. She has helped me get back in to training in the little time I have to myself on a week and given me the "spark"/passion to explore aerial some more which has been lost for a while. I am so grateful for these classes and for having Holly in my life who is so patient with me, filled with so much knowledge and very kind person. I can't wait to meet her!

The Cirque Studio on Facebook (Rachel’s studio in Barbados)

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