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June Masterclass Featured Student: Ana A.

A long time ago I was the person who hated sports, any form, any type. It has something to do with the fact that I'm pretty tall and for every single thing I enjoyed doing I would just be told I'm too tall to do it. They would just say I should try basketball or volleyball or something of that sort, and that was just not for me—anything with a ball I could simply not do.

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Masterclass Featured Student: Dari Blythe

We have such a short time in our ‘today’ body that it seems a waste to not live In it with ferocity. The beauty of dance is that it is for every human, no holds barred. It is the ownership of your own movement, subtle or extravagant. We are able to express all ranges of laughter and tragedy in any way that we can dream of.

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Elite Artist Patreon Tier - Coming October 2018

6 months ago I started a Patreon with the goal of one day opening a small, intimate, mover & makers space. This would be a place to make art, to dance, to film and to build community. While I’m getting closer each day to reaching that goal, Patreon has also given me the ability to create an online Masterclass that is accessible to any aerialist in the world. The intentions of this class are to provide a living, breathing resource for growing artists that is both informative and inspirational…

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