June Masterclass Featured Student: Ana A.

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June 2019 featured student is miss Ana! (@cereal_butcher)

I have had the honor of watching Ana grow over the past year through online training and my Masterclass. When she first joined the MC she was in the first trimester of her first pregnancy! I thought it was so incredible that she was still pushing herself to learn and be physically active (as much as she could) when other people probably would have put a halt to things. Ana has a lot of drive in her and demonstrates that with her commitment to her students in Croatia and in her own learning. Every time we meet for an online lesson she makes me laugh with her wit and she has been just a pleasure to get to know. I consider her a friend and I know one day we will get to meet in person—perhaps a visit to Croatia is in order! Thank you Ana for adding such a valuable relationship to my life! You are beautiful and I’m so glad to know you!

Here is more from Ana herself!

“A long time ago I was the person who hated sports,any form,any type. It has something to do with the fact that I'm pretty tall and for every single thing I enjoyed doing I would just be told I'm too tall to do it.They would just say I should try basketball or volleyball or something of that sort,and that was just not for me-anything with a ball I could simply not do.My journey started when I was around 18 years old,when i found out about pole dancing-it seemed fun and different.It opened up a whole new world for me!I started learning tricks and developing skills that kept me going.I also met some amazing people,but due to a lot of things that whole part of my life started to fall apart and then I found out about aerial silk.Around 10 years ago I joined an aerial/circus group that I'm with today.Some of these people have become my second family,we've been together for a decade-training together,growing and learning together.About 5 years ago I stumbled upon the hammock and the rest is history.I was one of the first ones in Croatia who decided to completely commit to the hammock and since I knew no one else here the road to where I am now was pretty hard. I learned most things by myself and the rest I traveled around Europe,mostly London, to learn from some amazing teachers.At the moment I'm in my second year of teaching my very own class and I'm proud to say I managed to make a group of amazing women fall in love with this apparatus that I personally adore.

When I found out about Holly I was completely stunned.She was exactly what I was looking for-a person devoted to the apparatus I love the most.Her masterclass and online training makes me push myself,grow and be a better aerialist and instructor.I'm very lucky to be able to learn form a person like Holly and I hope I'll meet her in person soon!”

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