Masterclass Featured Student: Justin S.

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Masterclass student of the month for February 2019 is @avery_aerialist. Justin joined my Masterclass just four months ago and he already stands out to me as a stellar human and artist.

I’m actually really drawn to him and his story about how aerial has transformed his life. His military background resonates with my own experience. The way he is using aerial as a tool to help himself overcome his personal trials is so inspiring to me. I also think his aerial anchor apparatus is super rad and so fitting for him as a USN Veteran! He’s a very active Masterclass member and is a big supporter of his fellow classmates. I love being able to witness his growth and will continue to enjoy watching his spirit illuminate the aerial world.

Here’s a little bit more about Justin:

“I am a clinical healthcare administrator for the United States Navy. I began my aerial journey 4 years ago focused on using it as an outlet for several things I was dealing with. I suffered a very traumatic experience which left me with a diagnosis of Clinical debilitating PTSD and severe depression. I found my place of comfort in the air and began to truly fall in love with my practice. My practice is focused on my custom Aerial Anchor and hammock.

The masterclass program is my opportunity to train under one of my aerial idols. The way Holly moves is a goal of mine and this gives me that opportunity. The class has been the greatest help to my practice. I have incorporated further exploration of movement and has given me a renewed love for my apparatuses. It has improved my flows and creativity for performances. It also allows me to break my self doubt and given me a great perspective.”