What's In My Dance Bag?

Want to know what I keep in my aerial dance bag?

I carry around this little bag of tricks wherever I go and it contains all of my MUST-HAVE dancing items for training and performing. Keep reading on to see what’s inside!



I always, always have Dry Hands with me! It’s just the right amount of chalk for helping my hands stick to my aerial apparatus of choice. I order mine through Prime (Amazon is the cheapest place I have found it) to get it to me quickly when I need it for a performance or trip!


Porter’s Lotion is really my secret weapon when it comes to grip aid. I pour PL into a small spray bottle and spritz on my hands before applying my dry hands. My skin is naturally very dry (and I live in a desert climate), so I need a little bit more moisture to add some tackiness to the dry hands. The two of them together creates the perfect grip that’s just right for me. I also use PL on the rest of my body, especially my legs for pole! It’s an amazing pole grip aid that not many people know about. If you’re extra dry like me I recommend giving it a try!


My purple peanut is from Amazon and it has saved my ass (literally) on so many different occasions. The tool is small enough you can take it anywhere, but it can be oh-so-useful for training and recovery! These little demons can release the toughest knots and unwind the tightest fascia layers. I often combine stretching sessions with a little peanut work and they are also really great for taking on long plane rides! Side note: if you travel by air with one of these chances are TSA will do an extra screening on your bag (something about the density and shape of it looks like a weapon on the x-ray!).


Probably not what you were expecting to see in my bag! Disposable ice packs are great for tending sore muscles after training. I keep them handy not only for myself but also for my students! If my shoulders feel fatigued and really worked I slap an ice pack on it for the drive home. They make recovery time faster and it’s always nice to be prepared with some first aid supplies in case of emergency!


I have been trying to wear socks more frequently while I train to not only help protect my feet from dryness & cracking but to also diversify my training. When I found these barre socks I fell in love. They have a really cute design but they also have little grips on the soles of the feet. I wear them during my entire warm-up and don’t slip around on the wood floor. Sometimes I leave them on when I do my aerial training as well and they stick to the fabric (if you’re into that)!


Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably already know that I sell my own handcrafted, velvet back warmers. These soft and stretchy works of art keep your lower back and core warm during flexibility or aerial teaching/training. They can also add an extra layer of protection against fabric burn or lyra kisses! Plus - THEY CUTE and come in many different colors! Purchasing a back warmer supports working artists and makers living in Macedonia!


While I take a ton of training notes, photos and videos on my phone, I’m still a little bit old school and I love to write things down with a plain notebook and pen. It helps me to remember stuff better but I also just feel more invested and engaged with what I’m doing if I physically write it out. I scribble lots of notes, ideas and goals in my notebook which make the little visual artist inside of me oh-so-happy. My coloring book is launching soon and you will be able to do this in your coloring book too! In the mean time, check out this beautiful, lay-flat, soft cover notebook!


I will share another blog post shortly detailing my entire aerial sling/hammock set-up and more equipment recommendations, but I can’t leave out my hollow blocks from Vertical Art Dance! I always have an extra pair with me wherever I go :)

You can use promo code “hollyannjarvis” to get $10 off your entire VAD purchase here: www.verticalartdance.com


Last but not least is this amazing LED mirror I picked up on Amazon. It’s rechargeable and the battery lasts FOREVER. I originally purchased this mirror to take with me to gigs because very few green rooms have proper lighting or even a mirror for doing hair/makeup! Now I literally take it with me everywhere and it very well could be the best money I have ever spent.

what does your dance bag look like? Have any essentials that you think I should add to my arsenal? Throw a comment down and share!

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