Masterclass Featured Student: Mary Dougkas

January 2019’s featured Masterclass student is a woman with passion unlike anything I have ever seen and a very special person to me: Mary Dougkas. Mary is the Aerial Yoga-Sling Instructor/Elite Personal Trainer and Co-Owner at Strike a Pose Flyers Academy Greece. I was privileged to meet Mary in person in 2017 when she brought me to Greece to teach at her studio. This experience was one that I will never forget. We made so many beautiful memories during my time there and I really felt like we formed a strong connection. At that point, it was the furthest I had traveled from home, EVER. The culture was completely different from my own, yet at the same time I felt right at home. This was because of Mary. She was so warm and welcoming. Aerial brought us together, but I truly feel like our souls were meant to cross paths in this world.

Mary’s work ethic is completely out of this world. She and her husband, Vagelis (who I adore so much!), work day-in and day-out to make the best lives for themselves, sometimes not seeing each other until 11:00pm at night—or sometimes not at all. She pours her heart and soul into her studio and her aerial training but also into other people even though her time is so limited. It is rare to find people like Mary who want so badly for OTHERS to succeed, even before herself. She devotes a lot of her energy to her students, oftentimes putting them first. I think this is so admirable of her because even though she has so many talents herself, supporting her tribe and making sure those around her feel her energy and love is her top priority.

Here is a little more from Mary herself and why she joined my Masterclass to begin with!

“Hello there beautiful people!! My story starts from a background in dance, martial arts, pole fitness and weightlifting.

To cut a long story short....One day as I was in a social media I saw an incredible woman floating in the air and on air! I said to myself where is this incredible creature from I would love to meet her!! I had already finished my foundational studies and wanted to continue expanding my journey. I personally had never seen anybody like her!!

Holly came to Greece to share her light!!! This was a huge change in my life and was so happy to have her at Strike a Pose flyers Academy Greece. Everybody loved her!! She touched our lives with her artistic perspective and creativity. I loved her inspirational guidance workshops and flow!! A flow that is therapeutic not only for the body, but mind and soul. It is important for a practice to be transformative and have the ability for people/students to open up and let go, to focus on the present moment!

Holly is so down to earth person, and is not focused on aerial tricks. This is something of huge importance to me as an instructor. I want my students to have a balanced workout and approach to life. It is important to have fun, workout, learn new things...but also have the energy to be/and do other things in life.

Her guidance is a combination of techniques for body conditioning, safe practice, inspiring approach, inner growth for the expansion of the aerial practice. Holly's inspiration & approach is incredible!! There have been many hardships and difficulties in my journey! So I am happy to be part of this Aerial Journey and Holly Ann Jarvis Masterclass here in Greece!

An opportunity to play, learn, be creative! I love my Strike a Pose Flyers Academy Family & students and want to offer them my best!!!!

Holly has offered so much of her aerial insight experience and we are lucky to have her!! She is a pioneer and I have deep respect for her!! Her work is amazing!!

Whether you are a dancer, a performer, a teacher, an aerialist you will find challenging ideas to work on.

It is crucial to expand our horizons and level up by raising our frequency as teachers and human beings!!!”

Check out Mary’s Instagram to see what she is up to: @mary_dougkas and make sure you go give her studio some love as well: @strikeaposeflyersacademygreece

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Mary Dougkas Greece

It is crucial to expand our horizons and level up by raising our frequency as teachers and human beings!!!
— Mary
Mary Douglas